Vasco Nunez de balboa facts

The Vasco Nunez de balboa facts, one of them was to become the first European who was the most famous to lead an expedition of reaching the Pacific ocean. Around 1500, he started to travel the world and firstly found a land somewhere in Americas, Santa Maria la Antigua del Darien, known as Panama. At the time, he climbed the peak by himself.

Early life

In 1475, Jere de Los Caballeros, the little Balboa was born and raised. It was in the province of Extremadura in Castile, Spain as a noble Galician family descent. He spends his adolescence as a squire for Don Pedro de Portocarrero.

The early career of young Balboa was begun from Christopher Columbus news that his voyages became well-known. A hope of a new world in another land was in his imagination made him take a big decision to start his first voyage to America. The young Balboa joined the expedition of exploring Colombia and stayed in Hispaniola in 1505, now is known with Haiti and Dominican Republic. At this time, Balboa in several years, Balboa worked as a planter and pig farmer and ended up with debt.

Wishing to avoid the creditors, Balboa decided to set a sail by being a stowaway followed San Sebastian Colony. The bad luck came after arriving at the settlement. He found the colonists killed by native peoples. Knowing it was dangerous, Balboa convinced the rest of the colonies to move. They moved to the western side of Gulf of Uraba where they developed Darien town on the Isthmus of Panama where had a more fertile land. The battle never could be avoided facing 500 warriors which were too large. The fears of facing the native soldiers were solved by coming out victorious. His authority sooner was certified by King Ferdinand as the interim governor in Darien.

Discovering the Pacific Ocean

Balboa continued his career by leading an expedition in the hope of winning the favor of the King of Spain. He searched for the new area which was rich of gold. Unfortunately, he didn’t get king order, but He saw the Pacific Ocean. By his invention, he claimed it for Spain.

Balboa’s End of The Journey

The downfall of Balboa’s career was begun from Pedro Arias de Avila, the new of Darien governor, who was reportedly jealous about his discovery. In many ways he pretended to Balboa’s friend and tried to fail Balboa projects over and over again until someday, he succeeds to trap Balboa in a big case issuing of betraying the king. Finally, he succeeded to plan him to be arrested. In 1519, Balboa was in three months trial of prison. Sooner, he was beheaded along with his four followers by an accusation he admitted never done. He was found guilty at this time. However, what Balboa ever discover never could not be a lie along with his long road to find great land like pacific ocean. No matter what accusation given to him, people will still admit him as the greatest inventor. No matter how the politics tried to kick him.