Fun facts about Cheetahs – What kids need to know?

When it comes to the fastest land animal to ever grace the face of the earth, it will be quite impossible not to refer to cheetah. Should this be surprising? It has the ability to reach the speed of almost 113 km per every hour. It can also accelerate starting from 0 to almost a maximum of 100 km per hour. What is even breath taking is the fact that the latter can be done by only allotting 3 seconds. These are just some fun facts about cheetahs. There are still more. What are these?

A Closer Look at Cheetahs

As mentioned, nothing can ever beat cheetahs when it comes to running. As a matter of fact, it will only utilize its tail in order for steering to occur or take place. The mentioned is used like that of a boat rudder. Not all animals have the ability to do the mentioned. Aside from this, what is even fascinating is that cheetahs are the only – ever big cat that have the ability to turn in when they are in the air. They can do this while they sprint, which is again – commendable. Do not get this wrong though. Unlike lions, cheetahs are unlikely to roar. But then, they have a wide range of vocalizations that can be pretty meaningful as well. For instance, they can growl or purr. They do this as a sign of contact call. This would somehow be synonymous to that of birds chirping.

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Lair will always be selected by these female cheetahs. They may pursue rocky outcrop, or even that of a marshy area. It does not even matter whether this comes with tall grass or not. This is how they always do prior to giving birth to whatever cubs they will be having. Whenever they need to go for hunting that is the only time when they will leave their cubs. They will undertake this prior to returning to the nurse they have to do. There is no amount of help which can be expected from the male cheetahs. This is their nature.

Female cheetahs are also known for their independent attitude. They are always solitary. They can live alone. However, this is the opposite for male. They always need to be a part of small groups. It does not matter whether this is only comprised of 2 to 3. For as long as there are other male cheetahs, they will be comfortable. They actually treat one another like a brother.

It will not be impossible to trace the mood of the cheetahs. This is the truth since it comes with its very own and even unique facial expressions. If the Native American symbology is to be asked upon, cheetahs are good representation of insight, swiftness and as well as focus. These are all related to it.

The existence of cheetahs has been traced for almost 4 million years ago. This was the case even before the presence of big cats seen today. Needless to say, cheetahs will always be affectionate, caring and even dedicated.